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Did you know that waste plastic products can be used as clothing fabrics?


We all know that waste plastic bottles can be recycled and reused, but in which way are they used? We are not very clear about this. Plastic bottles have a lot of use value after being recycled. Among them, plastic bottles can also be spun into yarns and turned into clothing fabrics. Do you think it is amazing?

Plastic is one of the great inventions of human beings, but it is also a troublesome source of garbage because of its difficulty to degrade, and it is harmful to the environment. In fact, waste plastic is not garbage, and it can be turned into treasure through environmental protection technology. The main materials of plastic bottles are generally PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and the latter is one of the important raw materials for making clothing fabrics.

And according to the Beijing Institute of Textile Science, this kind of clothing is very cool to wear because the fabric has the function of "moisture absorption and quick drying", making it environmentally friendly and comfortable for consumers to wear on the body. "Our corporate philosophy is green and environmental protection, not only using renewable resources as raw materials, but also striving to create emission-free standards in the production process." Mao Youjun said, "The traditional way of producing polyester internationally is chemical refining, and after we have passed technological innovation, , the quality of the product has reached the standard of the original product.”