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Do you know the development trend of fine mist sprayer?

A fine mist sprayer is a handy product that helps you wet your hair without overspraying. It dispenses 1.2ml of mist per stroke and has a 28mm bayonet neck finish. Its spray pattern is enough to cover large areas and has an easy-to-use on/off switch. It also comes with an identification area for marking up content.
Fine mist sprayers can be used to spray a variety of products such as lotions, facial cleansers, hair sprays and personal care products. This versatile device is also a useful alternative to using a spray gun. It can also be used for cleaning applications and crafts.
Fine mist nebulizers have become the first choice for dispensing personal care products. Various SKS models are available in various sizes to accommodate plastic and glass containers. Most of these sprayers are ergonomically designed and have sloping tops. This enables a continuous spray pattern with minimal effort. In addition, each SKS fine mist sprayer comes with a clear styrene cover mounted on the spray head.
20-410 White Rib Side PP Fine Mist Sprayer is an ideal multipurpose sprayer. Its ribbed design and 10" dip tube make it compatible with most BottleStore bottles with a 20-410 neck. It also has a transparent PP dust cover.