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How much do you know about dispenser lotion pumps? What are the advantages?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a dispensing lotion pump. These include cost, ease of handling and ease of refilling. These considerations are important in choosing the correct dispenser. Here are some tips for buying a dispenser lotion pump: Pay attention to the components inside.
easy to handle
High-quality lotion pumps are designed to provide customers with an easy-to-use and safe design. These pumps use a plastic tube with a dip tube on the bottom to transfer lotion from the bottle to the user's hand. Depending on the size of the lotion pump, the length of the dip tube may vary. Choosing the right length of pump ensures free flow of product and no risk of clogging.

Snap on mist pump 20mm with half cap HY-F05

One of the most common types of dispensing lotion pumps is the lock-on lotion pump. The lock-in feature requires the consumer to apply pressure before the pump dispenses the lotion. After pressure is applied, the nozzle locks back into place. Another style is the locking lotion pump, which is designed to sit high on the main base. In order to dispense liquid applications, the consumer must unlock the pump nozzle by twisting it.
easy to clean
To keep your dispensing lotion pumps free of germs, you should be able to clean them regularly. It is important to use good quality soap and avoid soaps that are too concentrated. This can damage the plastic and rubber parts of the dispenser and clog the pump. In addition, poor quality soap can cause corrosion of metal parts.
Unlike non-lotion pumps, easy-to-clean dispensing lotion pumps do not clog. The pump housing is made of PP plastic and serves as the delivery chamber for the product. The size of the pump casing varies by product output. The glass bottle may not fit into the pump casing due to the thick sides.