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How to prevent leakage of travel belt toiletries?

Toiletries are disassembled:
1. Press the pump head (a part of the shower gel will flow out at this time) to the end and hold it.
2. Rotate the pump head more than 90 degrees clockwise or tighten it a few more turns to lock the pump head. The unopened shower gel pump heads are all locked, and the lock heads of each shower gel will be slightly different, the difference is only in how many turns.
Then stick it with a large transparent tape, and wrap the bottle with a plastic bag.
Unopened lotion pumps can be boxed directly.
The push-type lotion pump is a liquid dispenser that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the material liquid in the bottle by pressing, and replenish the external atmosphere into the bottle. The main performance indicators of the lotion pump: the number of air pressures, the pumping volume, the down pressure, the opening torque of the pressing head, the rebound speed, the water intake index, etc.

24mm 28mm Liquid Soap Dispenser Pump For Bottle HY-A03