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Why are lotion pumps so popular?

Whether you are dispensing lotion or any other liquid product, lotion pumps give you an easy and precise means of product delivery. They are ideal for face creams and body lotions. They are also used in hair products and sunscreens. They are also very convenient for customers since they are portable and easy to use.
Lotion pumps come in several different models. Usually, they have a dip tube attached to the bottle, allowing the product to flow from the inside of the bottle to the outside. They also come with a cover to help keep the product from hardening around the center hole. The lid also helps keep the product fresh and helps prevent contamination.

20mm UV coated mist pump for bottles HY-F02

Pump bottles are also popular for their ease of use. Users can hold the bottles with one hand, which makes them very easy to use. They're also portable, which means they can be used at home, at work, or even on the go.
One of the most common uses for lotion pumps is dispensing viscous liquids. It is commonly used in food packaging, beauty products and pharmaceutical packaging. It has become more and more practical over the years.
The most common lotion pump materials are polypropylene (PP) plastic and steel. They can also be used on glass or ceramics. Material selection is based on the intended use and service life of the equipment.
The pump housing holds all the parts of the lotion pump together. It also acts as a transfer chamber for the contents. This makes cleaning and sanitizing the lotion pump easy.
The dip tube is a long plastic tube that extends the reach of the lotion pump to the bottom of the bottle. Liquid enters the chamber through holes in the tube. This allows the pump to dispense liquid in a predetermined pattern. The nozzle has multiple holes to create a spray effect.