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Are cosmetic bottles recyclable?

Are cosmetic bottles recyclable?
1. Recyclable materials.
That is, domestic waste, such as waste paper, plastic, glass products, metal, waste fabrics, etc., should be recycled and reused;
2. Hazardous garbage.
That is to say, domestic wastes such as waste batteries, waste lamps, waste medicines, waste paints and their containers, directly or potentially endanger human health and the natural environment
3. Wet garbage.
That is, perishable waste refers to the domestic waste of perishable biomass such as raw material waste, leftovers, expired food, melon peels, fruits, flowers and green plants, and traditional Chinese medicine residues;
Fourth, dry garbage.
In other words, other garbage refers to other household garbage other than recyclables, hazardous garbage, and wet garbage.
Domestic waste mainly refers to waste paper, plastics, glass products, metals, fabrics, etc. These wastes are suitable for recycling and can be recycled. Recycled materials should be handled lightly, clean and dry to avoid pollution; waste paper should be as flat as possible; three-dimensional packaging should be emptied of the contents, and placed flat after cleaning; if there are sharp corners, they should be placed after packaging.
Cosmetic bottles are dry garbage:
Dry garbage, that is, other garbage, refers to household garbage other than recyclable, hazardous and wet garbage. When dry goods are put in, they should be as dry as possible, and the types of household garbage that are not easily identified should be put into dry garbage containers.