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Do you know about cosmetic dispenser sprayer pump heads?

Cosmetic dispenser sprayer pump head with adjustable spray pattern and nozzle length. To adjust the spray pattern, the button is preferably contoured to conform to the user's index finger after the user presses the button. It is also designed with an upward slope on its top surface that aligns the user's index finger with the jetting direction.
The dispenser sprayer pump head has a drain channel. The discharge passage communicates with the injection holes in the wide injection hole insert. The discharged liquid product is then discharged through the spray holes in a "STYLE" spray pattern.
Orifice insert and align with opening in button. However, when the orifice insert is misaligned, the opposing follower prevents the button from moving down.
The spray pump head of the present invention is preferably adjustable so that the amount of product dispensed in each pump stroke is optimal for the spray orifice. It can be equipped with multiple holes to atomize various products, including hairspray.
The spray hole insert of the cosmetic dispenser sprayer pump head includes a wide spray hole insert and a button that allows the pump to move in a clockwise direction. The trigger on the button hits the clicker, which produces an audible click.
Using a cosmetic dispenser sprayer pump head is a great way to save time and energy. Most consumers find it tedious to open some cosmetic packaging, but the pump head makes it quick and easy. In addition to reducing effort and hassle, these dispensers feature easy-to-clean, hygienic packaging.
The "STYLE" jet has an orifice in fluid communication with a liquid pump 50 .