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What should I do if the cosmetics cannot be pressed out?

If the pump-type skin care product cannot be squeezed out, the following methods can be used to solve it.

1. The press bottle can be placed flat or upside down, this method can quickly squeeze out the cream lotion in the product. This method is suitable for when skin care products are running out. If it is unsuccessful, the compression pump may be damaged, and it is
recommended to replace the compression port with a new one.

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2. Expel air, there may be some air in the bottle of skin care products, press several times to expel the air;

3. Check the tube connected to the press pump. When the tube is too short, the skin care product is just used at the bottom. In this case, you can replace a longer tube, or pour the same skin care product into the press bottle.

4. Check the spring that presses the pump head. If the pump head cannot jump up, the spring inside is broken. You can open the pump head and replace it with a new spring.