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How to clean the pump skin care products? How to carry it?

1. When you are about to use up, you can open the part of the pressure pump, and then use a cotton swab or cotton pad to remove the part that cannot be pressed at the bottom, and you can use the skin care products cleanly, which can avoid waste, but open the bottle mouth. Pay attention to the method, otherwise the bottle is easily damaged.

Cosmetic Packaging 50/80/100ml Pet Empty Lotion Pump Plastic Bottle HY-M06

2. Another way is to change a pump with a slightly longer tube to ensure that it can touch the bottom of the bottle, so that the bottom part can not be pressed out. If there is no such pressure pump at home, you can use the remaining part in separate bottles and then use it. In short, try to ensure that it is used up. The method can be flexibly selected according to the things around you.
Because the pressure pump type skin care product is easy to squeeze out the contents inside, so when carrying it, you can remove the pressing part first, and then press the pressure head down to make it in the state when you bought it back. This way it won't leak by squeezing it in your luggage. However, when you carry skin care products on the plane, you must pay attention to the capacity of not more than 100ml, otherwise you cannot carry them with you.