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Do you know the applicable scope of lotion pump head?

The lotion pump head is mainly used for water, milk, shampoo, shower gel and other materials with good fluidity. According to the characteristics of the material body and the effect to be achieved, a slightly thicker material such as conditioner can also be used as a pump head. However, if the pump head is not suitable for thick materials, the pump will not be able to discharge or the pumping process will be interrupted.
For thicker materials, it is necessary to test the fill material for the pump before determining the purpose of the pump head. When using the pump head to pump liquid oil, although not all materials leak, the probability of leakage of individual materials is very high.

For the lotion pump head, the foam pump head pumps out foam, no need to soak in water to rub the foam, the dosage is small, and it is easy to use. The material in the foam pump head must be liquid, and the material must be very thin, not very thick, otherwise the mesh will be blocked and the material will not be pressed. The bottle with the foam pump head can only hold liquid but not lotion, and the fine mesh inside the pump head must not be missing, otherwise the foam cannot be pressed out.