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Do you know the spray time of the lotion pump head?

Do you know the spray time of the lotion pump head?
In layman's terms, the pumping times of the emulsion pump head is the number of times the material is discharged by the pump head with a larger stroke of the pump head. If the pump head is depressed multiple times without discharge, or is depressed multiple times before discharge, such a pump head is not acceptable. If a product with this pump head is shipped from the factory, it will be returned.
When testing the number of blowouts, after tightening the pump head, loosen the pump head pressure head or remove the pump head clamp. so that the pump head can be pressed. When the pressure head of the pump head can no longer be pressed down (that is, the pump head has a large stroke), let go of the hand until the pressure head of the pump head springs up completely. This is a complete pumping process. Continue to press the pump repeatedly until the pump begins to discharge, and count the number of pump head compressions.
Usually water-based products are sprayed no more than 5 times. Other slightly thicker products do not exceed 10 times. Generally, the water test of the pump head is basically 2-3 times.

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