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Do you know the development of bottle materials?


The use of coating technology to manufacture barrier plastic bottles has shown a downward trend, and Krones AG of Germany and Tetra Pak of the United States (Tetra Pak, Illinois) have begun to reduce production scale. Krones and The Coca-Cola Company jointly developed the BestPET technology, which coats the outer surface of the bottle with a silica-containing coating. A spokesman for the company claimed that the technology was outdated due to its high cost and insufficient oxygen barrier properties, and that Tetra Pak had terminated the use of its Glaskin silica plasma coating system on the inside of PET bottles. research work.

In addition, Italian SIPA company has developed a new type of barrier coating material for PEN bottles, its trade name is Smart Coat. The bottles are quickly dried in an oven, then coated a second time, and then cured under UV radiation. A standard dip-coating unit can process approximately 12,000 plastic bottles per hour. One of the application goals of this PET bottle is to fill carbonated beverages. According to the company, the 0.5-liter capacity, single-use dipped PET bottle can have a shelf life of up to one year of the packaged goods, while the undipped PET bottle has a shelf life of up to one year. The commodity shelf life of PET bottles is only 7 weeks.