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Do you know the development of bottle materials(2)?


British Innovative Plastics Technologies (AFT) has developed a patented water-based flow coating process to coat the outer surface of a special barrier thermoplastic resin preform. After the preform is coated, the resin Curing occurs and the preform can be post-stretch blow molded on standard processing equipment. APT claims that this coating process improves CO barrier properties by 3-4 times compared to uncoated PET bottles, and Husky is negotiating with APT to transfer technology to obtain the The operating license of the coating equipment, which is designed to process 30,000 preforms per hour, said Robert, director of APT. Lee said. This technology has been purchased by a leading beverage company for processing non-alcoholic beverage bottles.

The Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) of the University of Aachen in Germany has transferred the plasma coating technology for the inner wall of plastic bottles, PECVD, to Sidel. IKV has also developed a coating technology for the outer wall of plastic bottles, using 20- The 150nm barrier coating, similar to the inner wall coating process, can improve the CO barrier performance of PET bottles by 4 times. The processing cycle of the technical production system device is 15 seconds. The development goal set by the researchers is: the processing cycle time is shortened Within 10 seconds, apply a more powerful vacuum pump, as well as other improved detection