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How can I reduce the risk of ingesting BPA?


Use: A material that is used in large quantities, especially in baby bottles, and is controversial because of its BPA content. Lin Hanhua, an associate professor at the Department of Biology and Chemistry at City University of Hong Kong, said that theoretically, as long as 100% of bisphenol A is converted into a plastic structure during the production of PC, it means that the product is completely free of bisphenol A, let alone released. However, if a small amount of BPA is not converted into the plastic structure of PC, it may be released into food or drink. So be careful and take extra care when using this plastic container.

Residual bisphenol A in PC, the higher the temperature, the more released, and the faster the speed. Therefore, PC water bottles should not be used to hold hot water, so as not to increase the rate and concentration of bisphenol A (if any) release. If your kettle has a number 7, the following methods can reduce the risk:

●Do not wash the kettle with a dishwasher or a dishwasher.
●Do not heat during use.
●Do not expose the kettle to direct sunlight.
●Before the first use, wash with baking soda and warm water, and dry naturally at room temperature. Because bisphenol A will be released more during the first use and long-term use.
●If the container is damaged or damaged in any way, it is recommended to stop using it, because if there are tiny pits on the surface of plastic products, it is easy to hide bacteria.
● Avoid repeated use of aged plastic utensils.