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How does the spray pump work?

When the handle is squeezed by hand, the volume of the spring chamber decreases and the pressure increases. The liquid enters the nozzle chamber through the hole of the valve body, and the liquid is ejected through the nozzle. At this time, after releasing the handle, the volume of the spring chamber increases and forms a negative pressure, the ball opens under the negative pressure, and the liquid in the bottle enters the spring chamber. At this point there is already some liquid in the valve body. When the handle is pressed again, the liquid stored in the valve body is flushed upwards. According to the above working principle, the key to a good spray pump is to pay special attention to the following aspects. 1. Glass beads or steel balls under the spring, here the tightness is very important, which is related to the upward force of the liquid in the spring cavity. If it leaks here, when you squeeze the handle, some of the liquid will run into the bottle, affecting the spraying effect of the liquid;

2. The sealing ring at the top of the valve body. If there is a leak here, the upward pull of the liquid when it leaves the handle will be reduced and the amount of liquid stored in the valve body will be less, which will also affect the spraying action.

3. The engagement between the lever and the valve body. If the serration is loose here there will be a leak, there will be some resistance as the liquid rises to the nozzle causing the liquid to flow backwards. If it escapes here, the spraying effect will also be affected.

4. The design of the spray pump nozzle and the design of the nozzle are directly related to the spray effect. Please explain the nozzle design in detail on the next page; Therefore, the general spray pump function also recognizes these four positions, and other appearance and adjustment problems are also recognized as usual;

Introducing a cheaper, more stable and more durable spray pump A spray pump is a pump that sprays the contents of a bottle by pressing a switch. The spray pump is mainly used to spray the liquid stored in the container so that it can serve people in the form of atomization. The spray pump has a wide range of applications, and various models and sizes, which can meet the actual needs of many different users, and the market is very broad. There is an external spring spray pump on the market, which consists of a nozzle on the outlet, a cap cover, a liquid reservoir and other parts. However, the spray pump also has the following disadvantages: the assembly of the sealing ring makes the assembly of the spray pump less mechanized, resulting in lower production efficiency; It is easy to overlook the sealing ring and reduce product quality stability. The use of sealing rings leads to higher production costs. To overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, technicians are providing a more practical spray pump. It adopts the following technical scheme: a spray pump, which includes a sluice cover connected to a bottle body and a pump body fixed to the lower side of the sluice cover, a pump core assembly movably arranged in the pump body, and a pump core assembly is on the top of the lock cover arranged with the upper part of the pump core assembly. The nozzle is tightly connected, the nozzle can drive the pump core assembly to move down in the pump body and suck out the liquid in the bottle body. The pump body of the spray pump is also provided with an elastic member that causes the pump core assembly to move up all the time, and a pump cover that limits the upward movement range of the pump core assembly is fixed to the opening at the top of the pump body. The rib-groove fitting structure includes a first groove and a first rib sealingly fitted into the first groove. The convex part is ring-shaped, the first groove is ring-shaped and located at the top of the convex part, and accordingly the first convex rib is ring-shaped and located at the bottom of the pump cover. The longitudinal section of the first groove is a large top and small bottom structure, and accordingly the longitudinal section of the first rib is a large top and small bottom structure. The outer casing of the pump core assembly features a piston that moves up and down within the pump body and fits snugly against the inner wall of the pump. The piston is used to direct or block communication between the lower pump chamber and the nozzle; The moving pump bead is used to direct or block communication between the opening at the lower end of the pump body and the lower pump cavity. The pump core assembly includes a hollow, tubular upper pump rod and a lower pump rod inserted into the upper pump rod. The top end of the upper pump rod goes through the breech cover and is inserted into the nozzle. The upper sucker rod and the lower sucker rod communicate with the interior of the nozzle. The liquid flow channel can communicate with the lower pump chamber. The lower pump rod is provided with an annular projection located in the lower pump cavity, the projection is provided with a second groove, and the lower part of the piston is provided with a second rib that can be inserted into the second groove in a sealing manner . The elastic member includes a first spring disposed outside of the upper pump rod and a second spring disposed outside of the lower pump rod. A second stage is located in the lower pumping chamber to limit the downward travel of the piston. There is a dust cover on the lock cover.

Compared with the existing technology, the advantages of this spray pump are:

1. By optimizing the material, the sealing insert with ribs and grooves is used to replace the sealing ring, which saves the assembly process of the sealing ring when assembling the spray pump, facilitates the mechanized process of assembling the spray pump, improves production efficiency and avoids the lack of sealing rings, improves the stability of product quality and saves production costs.

2. The spray pump spray structure is reasonable and simple, the spray pump starts quickly, and the spray volume is stable. The material design of the pump cover and the upper pump rod makes the pump core assembly and the pump cover have a good sealing and supporting effect, and also can buffer. The collision between the upper pump rod and the pump cover effectively increases the service life of the device.