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Do you know the principle and important functions of the spray pump?

First, the working principle of the spray pump
1. One press: When the pressing head is pressed once, the pressing head moves the piston head through the connected connecting rod, and compresses the spring together. During the process of compressing the spring, the outer wall of the piston rubs against the inner cavity wall of the cylinder, thereby prompting the piston to open the piston head discharge hole
2. Reciprocating pressing: Press the spray pump several times to discharge all the air in the cylinder.
3. Liquid suction: The spray pump presses the pressure head by hand, and through the connecting rod, piston head, and piston, all compress the spring to discharge the air in the cylinder, release the pressure head, and the spring loses pressure, so the reset movement is carried out. The piston also rubs the inner wall of the cylinder and moves downward. At this time, the liquid storage chamber in the cylinder is in a vacuum suction state, and the ball valve is attracted upward, and the liquid in the bottle is sucked into the liquid storage chamber in the cylinder through the straw.
4. Storage liquid: The spray pump sucks the liquid many times by pressing the pressure head many times, so that the liquid is stored in the cylinder until the liquid is full.
5. Liquid discharge: After the cylinder liquid chamber is filled with liquid, press the pressure head again, and the liquid is directly discharged into the nozzle by the pressure head through the discharge hole.
Second, the performance parameters of the spray pump
1. Pump discharge: The pump discharge is an important parameter of the lotion pump. It is related to various factors such as the seal of the pump head and the tolerance of parts.
2. The number of air pressures/the number of initial sprays: the number of pneumatics/the number of sprays per time is another important consumer experience parameter, and it is also an important quality standard in the production process.
3. Low pressure: Low pressure is one of the factors that the high-end market is particularly interested in.
4. Leakage function design: The leakage function design is a very important lotion pump parameter. This may seem like a parametric requirement, but it involves all the interconnected parts in the lotion pump structure.
Third. Main points of seal design of spray pump
In addition to controlling the main functions and parameters, the major manufacturers of spray pumps have also added many additional functions and new design features according to customer needs to attract the attention of later users and form new profit growth points. For example, the control of the release torque of the indenter, the control of the disengagement force between the indenter and the piston rod, the rebound time of the indenter, the water immersion prevention function, the anti-counterfeiting function, the spring external structure spray pump, etc.