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What are the advantages of a foam pump?

The foam pump consists of a large piston, a small piston rod, a large top cover and a reticulated foam base. The lower end of the pump body is equipped with a suction cup. Inside the upper part of the suction cup, the glass ball 7 constitutes a one-way valve. An annular groove 8 is formed in the lower part of the pump body. Between the ring groove and the support ring, a compression spring 9 is placed between the piston and the reticulated foam base.
Reticulated foam is a versatile and inexpensive polyurethane foam. This foam is characterized by its open-cell structure, which allows air to flow while trapping dust particles. Its porous structure makes it an excellent choice for filtration and sound absorption. It is commonly used in medical, sports and general apparel applications. Its open-cell structure allows for a variety of other uses.