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What is a small piston foam pump?

The small piston foam pump is a handy tool for spraying foam into a range of products. Its structure provides small air bubbles to produce high quality foam. It also has a large control button for pressure adjustment. This pump can be used in many different industries. The compact design also ensures quiet operation and extended motor life. You can also purchase accessories to increase the efficiency of foam application. The advantages of this pump are listed below.
A reciprocating piston liquid pump is a device that uses a rotary piston drive mechanism to propel a liquid or air mixture. These pumps can be used in a variety of applications, many of which are suitable for foaming. The pump can also be modified to pump product without foaming. In some cases, pumps can be used for liquids or gases that do not foam, although a piston-driven mechanism is usually required. One such pump is the Small Piston 4 Foam Pump.

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