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What are the classifications of your big broken lotion pump?

What are the classifications of your big broken lotion pump?

1) It can be classified according to the product field of the lotion pump application.
Shampoo pump, shower gel pump, moisturizing pump, extract pump, anti-floating oil pump, BB cream pump, foundation pump, facial cleanser pump, hand washing pump, etc.

2) According to the lock method, it can be divided into the following types.
Guide block, screw lock, clip lock, no lock.

3) According to the characteristics of the lotion pump, it is divided into the following categories. External spring pump, plastic spring, anti-soaking lotion pump, high viscosity material pump, etc.
2. Analysis of common problems of emulsion pump:
1) The air pressure of the lotion pump is high or no water is produced.

Cause Analysis:
a. The length of the hose is too long or the depth of the bottle is too shallow, the inlet of the hose is blocked, the air pressure of the lotion pump is too high, and the liquid cannot be discharged,
b. The upper one-way valve of the lotion pump or (the lower one-way valve is damaged or defective;
c. The large wheel of the piston is damaged or missing.

2) It is difficult to rebound and reset after the lotion pump is pressed:
Reason analysis:
a. The viscosity of the material liquid is too large, and the reset resistance is greater than the spring force. It is recommended to choose a high-viscosity material emulsion pump for the material liquid with high viscosity;
b. The one-way valve under the lotion pump is blocked or the designed channel section is small, the suction pipe is thin, and the inner hole of the cylinder or the outer ring of the piston has insufficient gloss.

3) Leaking from between the lotion pump and the bottle mouth:
Reason analysis:
a. The cap torque applied during filling is insufficient;
b. Due to the small height of the bottle mouth, after tightening the mouthguard, the upper end face of the bottle mouth cannot touch the sealing gasket of the lotion pump.

4) After pressing the lotion to pump out the liquid, the bottle is deflated:
Reason analysis:
a. The inner diameter of the bottle mouth is too small, close to the outer diameter of the cylinder, and it is easy to block the balance air hole under the action of the material liquid;
b. The wear of the mold leads to the blockage of the air holes that are out of balance when the cylinder is formed; c. The design of the gas channel in the neck is small, and it is too late to replenish the gas into the bottle.