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Do you know some classifications and common problems of lotion

Do you know some classifications and common problems of lotion?

The lotion pump manufacturer will explain to you some classification and common problems about lotion pump
The lotion pump, also known as the squeeze lotion pump, is a liquid distributor that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the raw material liquid in the bottle and replenish the external atmosphere to the bottle.

The main performance indicators of the emulsion pump: air pressure times, pump displacement, low pressure, nozzle opening torque, rebound speed, water intake index, etc.

The most typical lotion pump consists of pressure head, mouthguard, cylinder head, cylinder, piston rod, piston, piston head, spring, lower individual valve, gasket, and hose. However, not all lotion pumps require Including these parts, some parts may be combined or replaced according to specific performance requirements, and then various structures of lotion pumps are derived, but the basic principle is roughly the same.