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What should be paid attention to for the lotion pump head

What should be paid attention to for the lotion pump head?

The lotion pump head is also called a pressure lotion pump, which uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the material liquid in the bottle and supplement the external atmosphere to the liquid distributor in the bottle. The main performance indicators of the emulsion pump head: pneumatic times, pump output, downward pressure, pressure hopper opening torque, rebound speed, water inlet indicators, etc. The dispenser of the lotion pump head is divided into two types: sanitary ware and screws, which are functionally divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, gas atomization valve, and vacuum bottle. The size of the lotion pump head depends on the caliber of the bottle body. The spray size is 12.5mm-24mm, and the outflow is 0.1ml/back-0.2ml/circuit. It is generally used for packaging perfume, gel water and other products. The caliber is the same as the length of the parameter. It can be determined according to the height of the bottle. lotion pump head specifications range from 16ml to 38ml, and the oil output is 0.28ml/time-3.1ml/circuit. It is mainly used for cream and washing products. Special dispensers such as lotion pump head and hand buckle sprinkler, the foam pump head is a non-irrigating manual pressure pump head, does not need to inject air to generate foam, just a light press, it will produce quantitative and high-quality foam. Usually comes with a special bottle. Hand button nozzles are usually used for detergents and other products. The composition of the dispenser is more complicated, usually including dust cover, magnetic head, lever, gasket, piston, spring, valve, bottle cap, pump body, straw, valve ball (including steel ball, glass ball). Bottle caps and dust jackets can be made of colored, electroplated, and electrified aluminum rings. Airless bottles are usually cylindrical, with specifications ranging from 15ml to 50ml, each with a total volume of 100ml. The total volume is small. According to the principle of atmospheric pressure, cosmetics are used to prevent pollution during use. The container is expensive, and the general order quantity is not high. Distributor customers rarely open molds by themselves, and produce many molds they want, which is very expensive.

A good lotion pump head pays special attention to the following places: 1. The glass ball or steel ball under the spring, the sealing is very important. It is related to the upward force of the liquid in the spring cavity. If it leaks here, the liquid will leak into the bottle when the handle is pressed, which will affect the effect of the liquid spray.
2. The sealing strip on the top of the valve. If it leaks here, the bottom of the liquid pulling force when the handle is loosened will be reduced, and the amount of liquid stored in the valve body will be small, which will also affect the spray effect.
3. The coordination between the pressure bag and the core of the valve. If there is a loose leak here, there may be a certain resistance when the liquid hits the nozzle, and the liquid will flow back. If it leaks here, it will also affect the spray effect.
4. The design of the nozzle, the design of the nozzle is directly related to the spray effect. Therefore, the function of the ordinary pump head can also detect these four positions, and other shapes and matching problems are routinely detected.