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  • Mist Sprayer HY-D10
  • Mist Sprayer HY-D10

Mist Sprayer HY-D10

Mist Sprayer

Place of Origin: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Model: HY-D10
Material: Plastic
Plastic varieties:
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heyu plastic

For custom pump manufacturing, you have Heyu

Established in 2013, Heyu is a professional Custom Mist Sprayer HY-D10 Suppliers and OEM/ODM Mist Sprayer HY-D10 Company, specializing in designing and manufacturing left and right switch pump heads, screw pumps, spray pump heads, and external emulsion pump heads.The company is located in Yuyao Ningbo which is known as the "Plastic Kingdom" and "Hometown of Sprayers" and beside the beautiful Hangzhou Bay with convenient traffic conditions. Our company has advanced mold design, steel mold manufacturing, injection molding and product automation production equipment, which provides a solid guarantee and foundation for the excellent quality of custom Mist Sprayer HY-D10.


    Customized with drawings and samples